Love is in the air

Here are a few of the things I have been working on for Valentine’s day.  My favorite is the suitcase  packaged with all things lovely including the Romeo and Juliet counting book by Baby Lit.   Check out the pics below!

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Halloween birthday party favors

I recently put together party favors for a friend of mine.  Her twins were celebrating their 4th birthdays at a cute place called “Little Chefs”.  Since the kids were born on Halloween day I only thought that the party favors should have the same theme.  I tried to make them resemble tootsie rolls but think I came closer to them looking like wrapped up candies.  I purchased Halloween themed books ( paperback so I can roll them into a tube), candy, cookie cutters and playdoh.  I then assembled and packaged them into these cute little candy look alike favors.  Easy as pumpkin pie!

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apple, caramel and pancake treats

As the cooler weather approaches, my thoughts go to warm apple pie, pancakes for breakfast, all of the yummy coffee/ hot chocolate flavors we see advertised in coffee shops and of course the holidays.  It seems as though there is some event to go to every weekend and I am always looking for a special treat to bring with me for the host.  I have written before about Fat Toad Farm and Dancing Deer and I have to say that their products make the best breakfast combinations.  I recently whipped up a batch of pancakes using Dancing Deer’s pumpkin spice mix and I of course dribbled Fat Toad Farm’s caramel sauce in place of maple syrup- it was just the right touch for a chilly Saturday morning.  I love curating packages together with a little bit of style.  I’m pretty sure that everyone who gets this gift will be excited to use it immediately and love even more.

Here is a little recipe I found that I MUST try next time:

Caramel Apple Pancakes

Stay warm and enjoy this season!

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New kitchen store in town!

As I was walking in the Flatiron district of NYC, I passed by a store with all sorts of Kitchen gadgets.  What drew me to go in was the window display and the open space in the store.  I had to go in and take a look around.   Whisk is located on Broadway between 21st and 22nd street which happens to be a great location neighboring Punch, Cratfbar, Beecher’s, and Fish Eddy.  Haven’s Kitchen is not too far away either, what better way to spend the day but to attend a cooking class at Haven’s kitchen and then go shopping for new stuff?  As I walked into Whisk, I was enamored by the warm displays and various sections ( baking, glassware, kitchen appliances, an entire wall of bitters) I really enjoyed the area to the left of the store which housed kitchen towels, aprons, small cleaning supplies and the list continues.  The old fashioned wash basin added so much detail to the area.

I think I walked into their grand opening where a huge chalk board wall welcomed visitors with simple yet whimsical writing.  It seemed liked a great place to purchase a gift big or small.  Next time you’re in the area, peek in and grab a bitter for a friend!

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Super Hero Bash

Another birthday party was approaching for my boys which meant another year to be creative.  I did something a little different this year with choosing the theme, I turned to my very active and curious 4 year old who turned 5.  His imagination and love of characters takes him to so many places especially when he is using Legos ( which was a part of last years theme).  When I asked him what he wanted his party to look like, his answer was “mommy- I want superheroes!” I looked at the excitement on his face and I thought uh-oh, how can I get creative without using the all too normal part themed items that you can purchase at your local party goods store?  I turned to the computer for help and searched various blogs and sites for insight.  I found so many wonderful ideas which I pulled together to make this “super hero ” party happen.  My favorite part of the party was the party favor( super hero kits from restoration hardware).  I packaged them in plain white paper and added windows/stickers to give each building a super hero vibe. I created  pennants out of comic books and ribbon, packaged star shaped short bread cookies in mini brown lunch bags for the parents, each table had a specific centerpiece that correlated to super heroes ( ex: jumping spiders, sleepy bats, kryptonite), back drops on black paper colored in with chalk to create a faux city and a framed floor puzzle of a vintage batman and robin comic. . The kids had a blast and the adults were right along with them.  In the end I made my 2 year old and 5 year old “super”happy!

I hung post cards of vintage comic books around the tent area.

The AWESOME birthday cake for my little super heroes! The letter “D” went mysteriously missing according to my 5 year old.

My boys with their cousins!  These little super heroes were ready to “POW” through the party!!!

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