Self Care Bundle

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Want the experience of a luxurious bath but only have time for a shower? No problem. Get the same vibe and relaxation with this fragrant experience that will take your shower (and your self-care) to the next level.


I’ve bundled two of my favorite scent sensations for the ultimate spa shower experience. Revive your energy with Thulisa Naturals shower steamers. Here’s how they work: The shower steam diffuses into the air as small amounts of water touch the product. All you do is BREATHE IT IN and enjoy a spa-like shower experience!


I’ve paired the shower steamers with a hand-crafted all-natural ______ vegan soap and soap saver bag.  Both products are made in the USA by women-owned small businesses.


What arrives in your package?

2-3 bars of small batch soaps

1 set of shower steamers