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    Simply Very Nice March Newsletter

    "Every women's success should be an inspiration to another. We're strongest when we cheer each other on."
    -Serena Williams
    March is a BIG reason to recognize women. It's a month where we can reflect on all of the inspiring pioneers who have paved the way and those who continue to pave the way for girls and women today. In my work, I have the honor of working with women owned small businesses that constantly inspire me. I get to tell their stories and share their products in the artisan gifts I curate. My contribution this month will go to a NYC based non-profit GIRLS WRITE NOW, a mentoring organization that ensures equity and wellness for a diverse community—elevating voices now and for generations to come. When young writers share their stories, they have the power to change minds, heal communities and impact the world. This is their mission.

    Hey there!

    There are so many new things I want to share with you guys! I've started working with two women owned small businesses this month that I'm super excited about. One is the author of Champagne for One, Rebekah Iliff. The book is about celebrating and finding joy in solitude. It's beautifully illustrated, witty, fun to read and a fit for anyone (mom's, friends, name it!). The other is founder of Provision, Sherri Sebastian. She has an immense talent of creating scents that are carefully crafted, sustainable while providing a touch of luxury. You'll find the book and Sherri's Dream Extract which is a room/linen spray in the NEWLY launched box titled "Love Yourself in Solitude". It's the perfect self care gift for your girlfriends, Mother's day or to yourself.
    LIMITED quantities are available. Purchase your gift box now by clicking on the highlighted section.

    They All Have Stories To Share and They Make Amazing Goods!
    TRIBE: by Julia Golodner-Reyes
    Julia is a talented artist and interior designer. She studied art at the Pratt Institute in NYC after moving from several countries during her childhood years. This piece was inspired by the renowned artist Matisse and his artistic cut out style but especially because of her strong desire to BELONG, to be a part of be a part of a community. Her move from one country to the next never gave her the opportunity to feel that and so she immersed herself in her passion and created "TRIBE"
    Julia gifted a framed print to me for the holidays and I instantly fell in love with the meaning, representation and story. You can now own this 5x7 print (unframed) by making a purchase HERE

    *YOUR purchase will help contribute to Girls Write Now this month.

    To view Julia's Interior Design work, click HERE

    *Le Pen (my go to writing tool)

    Meet Sherri of Provision
    Sherri has spent the last two decades crafting scents for many brands in the market including, fine fragrances, personal care, air care and hair care products. Scent has played an important role in her life because of the impact it makes on life as well as it leading her to a career as a professional perfumer. Every product in the Provision line is made with sustainable, natural ingredients that are made in the USA.

    A chance phone call over an order I wanted to place for myself led to a beautiful conversation where stars aligned. We both have a desire to bring joy and happiness to those who receive our goods. Sherri is not only a talented human, she is extremely kind and generous. I have curated NEW boxes with products by Provision (The Dream Extract and Manifest Body Oil- must have's). The Provision site is extremely informative and you'll get to explore what her small business is about HERE . Give some love to her IG page as well!

    "The best architects think about materials, design, light and space and Community Architects are no different. Communities are built, person to person, through thoughtful design and authentic, energetic connection points."
    -Radha Agrawal
    Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life
    Click HERE to purchase this book
    29 Maple Place, Unit 141
    Manhasset, NY 11030
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