About Shefali Patel, Founder of SVN

Shefali Patel Founder of Simply Very Nice

It started with a dream, a passion, a creative impulse, and an idea about a company with a mission for gifting.

Simply Very Nice grew out of my childhood experiences.  Born and raised in Queens, NY, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a diverse melting pot of people led by a strong work ethic and hustle.  

Both of my parents worked, sometimes at multiple jobs, and always with great pride. I began my career as a special education teacher (which I LOVED, by the way), but when I had kids, I wanted to be home with them. 

During my years as a teacher, I learned how to curate book collections, find creative, one-of-a-kind crafts, and pull together personalized gift baskets for my teacher friends. I didn't know it at the time, but those creative projects lay the groundwork for my gifting company.

With a bit of nudging and inspiration from a close friend and former colleague, I started Simply Very Nice.  Over the years, my company has evolved to fulfill an important mission—combining unique and stylish finds for you (or your friends and family) while maintaining a commitment to responsibly-sourced goods.  

To put it simply, I:

work with other women-owned small businesses that strive to make exceptional, inspirational products. Many of these are small companies run by other moms who want to be their own person while developing an entrepreneurial spirit that connects them to something greater than just the goods they sell.  

share women’s stories, and the stories behind their products, to give a voice to a diverse collection of crafts and goods.

curate special gifts by collaborating with vendors to bring unique finds to my customers

My goal is to customize and curate a collection of beautiful journals, candles, artisanal foods, self-care goods, and unique finds that will hold meaning for the gift recipient (and reflect well on the gifter). 

The result: gifts that are … Simply Very Nice.