Our Female Maker Stories

  • Kristel- Hard Nectar

    Kristel- Hard Nectar

    From the HARD NECTAR site- "These sweet creations are developed by New York City based confectionary artist, Kristen Van Valkenhoef.  She finds inspiration in her love for nature which surrounded her growing up as a child, the nostalgia of her mother's kitchen and the knowledge she gained during her years of traveling as a model in fashion, design and art. 

    Kristen has been named "Model- turned baker makes otherworldly candy" by VOGUE US, has been praised by OPRAH WINFREY on the O'LIST as favorite "dandy candy" and endorsed by world famous chef Daniel Boulud for her all natural approach. 

    The line of lollipops contain 10 ingredients or less, using only the purest base products, without additives.  They are handcrafted in small batches to ensure absolute freshness. 

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  • Suzanah & Rhonda- Camp Craft Cocktails

    Suzanah & Rhonda- Camp Craft Cocktails
    Suzanah & Rhonda are the founders of Camp Craft Cocktails.  They started out with handcrafting artisan popsicles and while on a trip to serve these treats from their vintage camper at a music festival, they knew they needed to share the experience of gathering to ALL. This is how Camp Craft Cocktails was born, deconstructed popsicle recipes that are shippable.  Their mission is to build longer tables where everyone is welcome, and everyone belongs. Their cocktail kits have built communities everywhere! They also make the PERFECT host gift and each one comes with a "HOW TO" recipe card. It's super easy, super fun and best of all, it's an excuse to have meaningful gatherings.
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  • Megan- Mame Soy Candles

    Megan- Mame Soy Candles
    Megan is the founder of MAME Soy Candles based in Phoenix, Arizona.  The candles are made from 100% soy wax and premium oils which allow them to burn longer and cleaner than most  candles.  She personally produces them in small batches to ensure the best quality handmade soy product.  The candles are named and scented for some of her favorite things (be sure the check out the labels for the names and quotes). A customer favorite is "Independent Women Collection" that can be purchased from the Women Owned section of the SVN website. This collection of candles have quotes by trial blazing women like, RBG, Dolly Parton & Frida Kahlo and the scents are as equally amazing.
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  • Anusha- Thulisa Naturals

    Anusha- Thulisa Naturals
    Thulisa means "Bringer of Peace" origin- Zulu, South Africa.  Anusha was born and raised in South Africa and was surrounded by nature that brought a sense of peace and calm to life.  After moving to the US and having children, she struggled with postpartum depression, exhaustion and anxiety.  This is when she knew that she had to create moments of inner well being for herself and it came through her shower rituals.  Her study of essential oils at this time inspired her to create her own products that improved her skin, her health and helped her feel uplifted. Anusha believes in prioritizing self care, in creating products that are handcrafted in small batches, with every single ingredient being all natural and handpicked to surpass a rigorous checklist. You will find her best selling product  ( SHOWER STEAMERS) in many of the self care curated gifts. 
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  • Transcendence Coffee

    Transcendence Coffee
    This women owned business was founded by two engineers who met working as baristas in college with a mutual love of caffeine and specialty lattes.  Their philosophy focuses on building strong connections through coffee while supporting female entrepreneurs, practicing sustainability and holding a deep connection to their respective cultures- India & Algeria. Transcendence Coffee crafts the most delicious coffee syrups and specialty coffee.  If you take a minute to check out their IG page, you'll get an inside view of how they make cocktails using their syrups. They have some amazing collabs too. Fancy stuff!
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  • Dar & John- Tavernier Chocolates

    Dar & John- Tavernier Chocolates

    This amazing duo are true partners who love to share their love of food and travel. Each and every batch of their chocolates are handmade in a 1910 brick mill building in Vermont.  They are surround by a myriad of farms, orchards, forests and meadows that provide a plethora of freshly-farmed and foraged foods which are the resources they use to craft Tavernier chocolates. Pay close attention to the detail in each piece and the love they put into what they create.  They are truly some very special people with the kindest hearts. 

    "Chocolate combines the things we love the most: art, food, science and place. We are absolutely thrilled to be doing what we do, and to be doing it here in southern Vermont."- Dar & John

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