Jill Hodge- Hodge on Repeat

Meet Jill from Hodge
Jill is a force to be reckoned with! We met years ago when working for a non-profit special education program in NYC. Jill was a speech therapist and I worked alongside her in my role as a special education teacher. We had the best team! Jill has followed her passion and is now the Grant Manager/Staff Writer for the same non- profit. She combined her love for writing while working in an educational setting to create her perfect job. This isn't all. SHE was a huge influence on motivating me to follow my own dream to start SVN. Jill has always been and continues to be an instrumental role model AND friend to me. She recently started a blog on strategies and motivational tips for women who want to achieve successful weight loss, fitness and better health. She shares her story on achieving a better self at 50. It's a must follow, must read resource. You will be inspired! Find her website HERE