Jill Hodge- Let the Verse Flow

Meet Jill from Hodge
Jill is a force to be reckoned with! We met years ago when working for a non-profit special education program in NYC. Jill was a speech therapist and I worked alongside her as a special education teacher. We had the best team! Jill has followed her passion and is now the Grants Manager/Staff Writer for that same school. Now she does what she loves (writing) for a great cause (special education). This isn't all. SHE was a huge influence in motivating me to follow my dream to start SVN. Jill has always been an instrumental role model AND friend to me. She recently launched a podcast where she strives to inspire 40+ women to engage in creative self-care (journaling, mindfulness, creative flow activities). Her podcast, Let the Verse Flow, uses a unique blend of stories, spoken word poetry, and music to inspire others to re-energize their creative spirit and self-care routines. It's a must-listen resource. Add it to your podcast playlist to be inspired! Find her podcast on all major podcast apps and connect with Jill HERE.