Planet Sis Candles

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A good for you candle company started by 3 sisters who grew up in Queens, NY.

Read their story in the SVN COMMUNITY section. 

They just released 3 NEW scents for their collection. Read Planet Sis' descriptions below.

Tres- "Indulge in the decadent and rich aroma of vanilla sweet cream, fluffy cake, sweetened condensed milk, and coconut leche with a drizzle of caramel– so delicately blended together to create a heavenly fragrance that is both comforting and soothing." 

Hard Core- "Hard core is a delicate symphony of apple blossom, hyacinth, lilac, and sandalwood. Inspired by those who live with gentle, compassionate hearts yet have a fiercely, determined exterior– this invigorating and intense scent embodies unwavering confidence, while subtle notes of sandalwood add a touch of sensuality."

Ring around the Rosie- "Ring around the rosie is all about fun, flirty vibes with a touch of sophistication. Soft rose petals and Calabrian bergamot come together to create a scent that’s both sweet and bright, and adding just a little mystery, we’ve added warm amber and Italian vetiver to the mix to make things cozy and inviting. Whether you’re getting ready for a night with the girls or just enjoying some me-time with Netflix and doordash, ring around the rosey is the perfect accessory to set the mood."